brain injury lawyerNo matter which attorney you turn to, they will make promises to work hard and go the extra mile to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. However, the truth is, some lawyers will always get better results when settling cases, for a variety of reasons.

I want to share with you my own personal motivation, and why I am fiercely passionate about fighting for the rights of those who have been injured. My own experiences have shaped my practice of law, and contribute to my ability to win significant settlements for my clients, whether they have been injured through motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or another misfortune, or have faced discrimination due to their injuries.

The Moment My Life Changed Forever
In July of 1985, I was a young attorney, just a few years into my law practice, as well as a new husband and father, when my life took a drastic turn. Driving home from my Seattle office on that ordinary day, along Lake City Way, something happened that altered the course of my life forever. However, I still can’t remember the details of that moment, because I suffered severe injuries.

The first thing I did remember was waking up in the hospital, disoriented and in pain from a head injury, without knowing how it had happened. Police reported that a driver in the oncoming lane had rear-ended a car, pushing it into my lane, resulting in a head-on collision. This is what remained of my car: Rob-Kornfeld-Car-Accident-1985-300x243


I knew I was extremely lucky to have survived, but I had no idea the long recovery that lie ahead of me, as I fought to regain my life after this severe injury.

The Difficult Road to Recovery
The many long months of recuperation offered a lot of time for reflection, on my past, present, and future. A quote from a college book floated into my awareness, from John Keats, “Nothing ever becomes read until it is experienced.” I understand what it’s like to have been badly hurt through no fault of my own, and the isolation, fear, and frustration that can bring. This is why I fight so passionately for my clients.

It’s normal to feel a wide range of emotions right now. You may be experiencing anger, perhaps towards the person or situation that hurt you. Maybe you are experiencing pain and anguish from your injuries and worry about how you’ll recuperate physically, emotionally, and financially. Perhaps you’re still in shock, replaying the traumatic event, struggling to understand what happened, wondering, “why me?” I have asked myself that question many times as I worried about my future, my loved ones, and my career. Because I have been in your shoes, I get it, and you can trust me to go to bat for you.

The Wounds That Heal and Those That Last
The next several years brought nearly a dozen surgeries that tried to fix what was broken. Many of those wounds healed, mended with sutures and time, leaving only scars behind. I am thankful to say I recovered fully from the mild brain injury that resulted from the accident. But that fateful day did leave me with injuries that would never heal, like the loss of my kneecap, which prevented me from engaging in the kind of recreation that I once loved. My level of physical performance was permanently stunted.

Even something like a simple walk around the neighborhood was excruciating, and although I live a more active life now, I’ll never be completely restored on a physical level. All those weeks spent in the hospital, in recovery, and in physical therapy represent time away from my family that I will never get back. I completely understand the struggles that you are going through, and will fight for you, fiercely and with compassion.

The Life I Would Have Had
When you have experienced a serious, permanent, and debilitating injury, your life can never return to the way it was before. The goals and dreams you once had will need to be thrown out, and you’ll have to come back to the drawing board with your new limitations in mind. I can say that I have been blessed with a good life, a wonderful family, a fulfilling law practice, engaging hobbies, and the ability to give back to my community.

However, that is not the same life that I would have had if that careless truck driver had not sent that big Pontiac Bonneville flying towards me. Learning to cope with your new reality after an injury is a big challenge, and one that I am intimately familiar with. You can still lead a meaningful life, but you absolutely deserve to be compensated for the opportunities that you have lost due to your injuries. I keep the bigger picture in view, and fight for a settlement that not only covers your current circumstances, but also the long-term repercussions.

The Path to Recovery
I managed to recover from my serious, life-threatening injuries, but it was a harrowing time. Because of my own experience, I know that focusing on your recovery- financial, physical, and emotional- is extremely important. I understand what it is like to be in pain, injured, scared, and worried about the future. You will not find a more understanding, dedicated, and compassionate personal injury lawyer, who is willing to fight for you!

That fateful day in 1985 taught me that life can change in a blink of an eye. I know what it feels like to suddenly be injured and unable to earn income, to struggle under the weight of medical bills, and to worry about your family’s financial and emotional wellbeing due to your injuries. I have been assisting people just like you for the past 30 years, navigating the legal system, recovering lost wages, and winning compensation for unnecessary suffering.

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